Crisis: Sri Lanka’s Finance Minister appreciates India’s help in talks with IMF, statement given in Parliament


In the midst of the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka, the country’s Finance Minister has appreciated India’s help. Finance Minister Ali Sabri praised India’s help in talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to get the country out of the financial crisis. The usable foreign exchange reserves in Sri Lanka have come down to less than 50 million dollars.


Finance Minister’s statement in Parliament

Sabri, who returned home after talking to the International Monetary Fund, said in a statement in Parliament on Wednesday about the IMF talks and the financial situation in the crisis, that he met India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman twice and asked Sri Lanka to provide quick financing means. (RFI) also given full support from India for the facility.

At the same time, the main opposition leader Sajith Premadas took a jibe at the ruling party and said that India had asked them before contacting the government whether they should help Sri Lanka. He said that I am not lying. I told him that he should do everything possible to help the people of Sri Lanka. Only then did he help the government. India has promised a loan, loan assistance of more than three billion dollars to the troubled Sri Lanka from January this year till now.

The country is at a critical juncture

Sabri said the country is at a critical juncture where it has to decide whether to implement reforms like the measures implemented in 1990 and 1991 in South Korea and India or follow the lines of Venezuela or Lebanon. He said the IMF’s program would be important for urgent reforms. He said that the government had committed a historic mistake long back by not adopting the program of the IMF.

At the same time, the Indian High Commission in Colombo said that fulfilling India’s commitment to the people of Sri Lanka, about 40,000 metric tonnes of petrol reached Colombo today. Along with this, Sri Lanka has received about 440,000 metric tonnes of fuel of various types from India.