Country’s first cryptocurrency based restaurant in Bhopal: You can pay in bitcoin, ethereum, dish on the theme of coin


The country’s first cryptocurrency based restaurant ‘Crypto Villa & Cafe’ has opened in the capital Bhopal. Here you can pay in any type of cryptocurrency including bitcoin, ethereum. The special thing is that here the dish is prepared on the theme of coin and logo.


Gaurav Tiwari, who opened a cryptocurrency based restaurant in Bawdiyan Kala of Rohit Nagar, told that he is a resident of Bhopal. He has done MTech from RGPV. He told that he used to invest in cryptocurrencies and was also fond of food. When he saw restaurants on different themes, the idea of ​​opening a restaurant on the theme of cryptocurrency came to his mind, in which everything would be on the theme of cryptocurrency. He started the restaurant in February 2022. So far more than 50 people have paid in bitcoin. He told that the business of his restaurant was above 2.5 lakhs last month. which is growing slowly.

Gaurav said that he also organizes seminars on how to use cryptocurrencies, its advantages and disadvantages. They also help visitors to their restaurants pay in cryptocurrencies. People also want to know. Regarding allowing cryptocurrency transactions in India, Gaurav said that at present there is no rule regarding transactions in India. However, income from cryptocurrencies is taxed at 30 percent.

Gaurav told that the dishes of his restaurant are also similar to cryptocurrencies and logos. Apart from cryptocurrencies in restaurants, you can also pay in rupees. Gaurav told that to pay in cryptocurrencies, PhonePe can pay on Binance App similar to Google Pay. For this, both the restaurant operation and the customer must have this app. It has crypto to crypto payment. There are different types of cryptocurrencies that require an account to be created on an exchange platform to buy. After this, you can buy cryptocurrencies by transferring money.

This is how you can pay in cryptocurrencies

Gaurav told that the cost of 1 ethereum coin is 2 lakh rupees. If we made a bill of Rs 2000 in our restaurant. In such a situation, the payment of 0.001 Ethereum will have to be done through the app. The cost of 1 bitcoin is Rs 31 lakh.