Counterattack: On the statement of the Congress President, the BJP said – the country is safe in the hands of PM Modi, Sonia Gandhi pay attention to the Congress


In Congress Chintan Shivir, BJP has retaliated for targeting the Modi government by Sonia Gandhi. The party said that the country is safe in the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, instead of thinking about the country, the Congress should do self-reflection to maintain its relevance.


BJP’s national media in-charge Anil Baluni said that Prime Minister Modi’s government is fully capable of taking care of the country, Congress should introspect to save its existence, which has been cut off from both the ground reality and the public. He said that people have full faith in the leadership of PM Modi. The country has touched new heights under the leadership of Modi. He should also reflect on the problem of atrocities and law and order on women and Dalits in his ruled Rajasthan.

What did Sonia Gandhi say?

Earlier, Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the three-day Nav Sankalp Chintan Shivir of Congress in Udaipur on Friday. In her inaugural speech, Sonia fiercely attacked the Narendra Modi government. He said that the mantra of Modi and his colleagues is Minimum Government Maximum Government and that means keeping the country in a permanent state of polarization. Showing cruelty to minorities and threatening political opponents. The contributions, sacrifices and achievements of other leaders including Jawaharlal Nehru are being forgotten. The killers of Mahatma Gandhi are being glorified.

On this occasion, Sonia appealed to the party representatives to talk with an open mind and take a clear message of strong organization and unity to the people. He said that the camp is an occasion when we reflect on the challenges faced by the country due to the policies of the allied organizations of BJP and RSS, reflect on the national challenges and do meaningful introspection on our party organization.