Corona breaking daily records in Delhi, 5891 new cases and 47 lives claimed today

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Corona virus infection in Delhi is breaking records every day. For the last three days, more than five thousand new cases of infection are coming up and more cases are being registered every day than the previous day. This situation continues on Friday. According to Health Department data, today a total of 5891 cases have been reported. A total of 47 people have died due to corona. Earlier on Wednesday, Delhi had more than five thousand cases for the first time and the total number of cases was 5673. On Thursday, 5739 cases were registered and today the highest number of 5891 new cases have been reported.

According to Delhi Health Department, with 5891 new cases, the total number of infected have now reached 3 lakh 81 thousand 644. Today a total of 4433 people have recovered after treatment. So far, a total of 3 lakh 42 thousand 811 people have beaten Corona in Delhi. With 47 deaths today, the number of people who lost their lives in the grip of Kovid-19 has now reached 6470.

Due to continuously increasing cases, the number of active cases has also increased. There are now a total of 32 thousand 363 active cases in Delhi. Out of these, 19 thousand 64 people are getting health benefits by staying in home isolation while the rest are being treated in different hospitals. Around 16,000 beds in Delhi’s hospitals are empty for Kovid patients.

Today, a total of 59 thousand 641 corona samples have been investigated in Delhi. Out of this, 17 thousand 58 samples were tested through RTPCR / CBNAT / Traunat medium while 42 thousand 583 samples were tested through rapid antigen test. So far, a total of 46 lakh 36 thousand 365 samples have been examined in Delhi. As the case has increased, the number of containment zones has also increased. A total of 3158 containment zones have now been created in the national capital.

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