Conversion of religion in Mandsaur: Muslim girl adopted Hinduism due to love affair, expressed fear of danger from the community

In Mandsaur of Madhya Pradesh, once again the matter of religious conversion has come to the fore. This time a Muslim girl has converted to Hinduism. On Friday evening, the girl who became Ishika from Ikra in the Gayatri family was converted to Hinduism by taking Panchtatva bath and worship. Actually this whole matter is related to love affair. A Muslim girl fell in love with a Hindu boy and agreed to convert to Hinduism in order to live with the young man. But now after the change of religion, the girl is threatening the family and society. The same young man is asking for security.

love affair started like this

Iqra, a resident of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, had fallen in love with a boy named Rahul Verma, who lived there. Rahul is originally from Mandsaur. His family lives in Mandsaur. But he was living in Jodhpur since childhood. When the love affair between these two started 3 years ago, both were minors. But now as soon as they became adults, both of them decided to run away and get married. During this, when Rahul told the girl about being a Hindu, the girl also agreed to convert to Hinduism by marrying young man Rahul Verma.

The boy’s family has no problem with this. Therefore, the family also got both of them married according to Hindu customs in the Gayatri family of Mandsaur by doing an agreement marriage in Udaipur. But before that, Iqra was made Ishika by taking bath and worshiping Panchtatva.

Threat told from family and Muslim society

The girl who became Ishika from Iqra says that she has taken this step of her own free will. But now she is talking about the danger from her family and members of the Muslim community present in Jodhpur. The same youth, Rahul is also now demanding to give him security. Both come from middle family. The young man is still studying, so the same girl is 19 years old and has studied till 9th ​​standard. It is to be known that this is the second case of conversion in Mandsaur after Chaitanya Singh, who had converted to Hinduism in the past. Chaitanya Singh has also helped him in his conversion.

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