Conspiracy to fail the Gaganyaan mission? ISRO’s rocket scientist made this big claim

The eyes of the whole world are on India’s first manned mission Gaganyaan. Preparations are underway to send the Gaganyaan mission to space in 2023. Meanwhile, on Saturday, a scientific claim of ISRO has stirred up. The scientist has claimed that a Dubai-based person contacted him and offered to pay a large amount in return for confidential information related to ISRO.

ISRO’s Vakram Sarabhai Space Center rocket scientist Praveen Maurya has made this shocking claim as well as alleged that he was approached by spies in collaboration with the Kerala Police to spy. This senior scientist of ISRO tweeted from his Twitter handle and said, I have been contacted by spies to spy. This was done in collusion with the Kerala Police.

A conspiracy is being hatched to implicate in false cases

Wrote many letters from ISRO Chairman to Prime Minister but no action was taken. An intelligence check is required. help please. He also alleged that he was facing harassment from the local police in connection with drug smuggling with a view to implicate him in false cases.

Scientist sought justice

The scientist tweeted, ‘I was selling weed (ganja). How can a rocket scientist start selling drugs to an unknown minor girl at 10:30 pm. I am in Kerala since last 12 years. Kerala Police did not find any evidence of drugs with me. Justice is needed! Also shared on LinkedIn the link of the copy of the letter which he has sent to the top officials.

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