Conspiracy Against India: Wires of arrest of Chinese nationals associated with ‘Natwarlal’ of Gujarat, studied doctor from China and hatched a conspiracy to breach Indian security there


New revelations are being made every day after Chinese citizens were found living in the country without visas and indulging in illegal activities. From this entire episode, the police and investigation agencies are investigating the links of the accused with China.

Now the police have come to know that Ravi Thakkar alias Natwarlal, a resident of Gujarat, who is believed to be the mastermind of the episode, had done Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) while living in China. He also learned the Chinese language there. During his MBBS studies, Ravi had contact with many suspected Chinese citizens. It is feared that the accused had hatched a conspiracy to play with India’s security during that time itself.

At the same time, the police teams involved in the investigation have informed that during which the Riveria Guest House located in Gharbra was raided. During that time, a large number of girls and other people from the Northeast were present there, but the accused fled as soon as they realized the raid. Only four-five girls were found by the police, who were interrogated by the police. Several diaries and registers were found by the police from the spot.

In this, the people and girls who came there were entered. The police got some clues from a diary, which showed that the girls coming here were first trained to interact with the citizens of China etc. Most of the girls were from the North-East who were paid up to Rs 30,000 per day. No case has been registered against these girls yet, but they are on the radar of the investigating agencies.

The role of the beat soldier to the police station will be investigated

The whole matter came to light after the arrest of two civilians. Earlier, in Gharbra’s guest house and JP Greens, the accused were indulging in illegal activities in the district without a visa, but the police did not even know about it. In such a situation, DCP Meenakshi Katyayan has set up an investigation into the role of Beat Constable, Light Incharge and Thanedar of Ecotech-1 and Beta-2 Police Stations in the entire episode. The investigation has been handed over to ADCP Vishal Pandey.

Investigation of agencies revolving around them

Hawala: The police has not been able to clarify that what was the ultimate motive of the Chinese national, absconding accused Ravi and other accused behind indulging in illegal activities without visa. Why did the accused create fake companies and why huge amount of transactions took place in the accounts. There is every apprehension that the accused used to transfer illegal money through hawala. Money was also sent through bitcoin to the account of the accused.

import duty fraud

Forgery of import duty could also be the motive of the accused. There is every apprehension that the accused are doing a huge illegal business of selling equipment in India by bringing equipment from China and evading import duty, because goods imported from China have to pay hefty duty. In order to save these charges and sell them by connecting with the citizens of India, the accused must have prepared all the plans in a planned manner.

Honeytrap and espionage

The police also suspect that the accused may be spies from China and are operating this whole plan to escape in India and identify with the citizens here. For this, the motive of the accused may be to spy on the girls of the North East by first calling them in the guest house of Gharbra, and then gaining Indian citizenship by friendship or marriage, which is quite fatal.

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