Congress leaders came to the rescue of Amanatullah Khan, played ‘religious card’

Its chairman and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA, who was arrested in connection with the alleged recruitment scam in the Delhi Waqf Board, has got support from where he might not have expected. Former Congress MLA and Muslim leader Asif Khan on Monday came to Amanatullah’s defense and said that the BJP government at the Center was misusing agencies to harass minorities.

Amanatullah Khan was arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau on September 16 after interrogation and raids on 5 locations. The ACB is probing the alleged scam in the Waqf Board. Okhla MLA Amanatullah is the chairman of the Waqf Board. The ACB had raided the places of his close friends including his residence. In addition to documents, illegal arms and cash were recovered during this period.

Asif Khan claimed that the raids by the ACB on the AAP leader’s house and other places created unrest among the local people. However, he also said that he is not giving a clean chit to the AAP MLA. Asif said, “Why is the ACB torturing Khan’s family and creating panic in the Jamia Nagar area? I am against the misuse of agencies, especially against minorities, by the BJP government at the Centre.

The ACB had claimed that an attempt was made to obstruct the AAP MLA’s house during the raid. Four people have been arrested for preventing officers from doing their jobs. Some Delhi Congress leaders said that Asif’s support to the AAP MLA was his personal matter, but he should have avoided it. Meanwhile, Asif Khan said that he is and will remain a ‘hardcore’ Congressman.

Asif said, “I am not supporting AAP, my support is for Khan and his family. There is a lot of resentment among the local people and as a politician, I sympathize with them. This will only benefit the Congress.” Asif has been a two-time MLA from Okhla. In 2015, he had to face defeat in the match against Amanatullah.

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