Congress counterattack, said – When the defeat is seen, BJP goes to the shelter of Pakistan

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The Congress has taken a strong turn on the Bharatiya Janata Party in the midst of the intense electoral stir over the second phase of Bihar assembly elections. The Congress said that whenever the BJP sees defeat in elections, it goes to the shelter of Pakistan.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said- “BJP and Modi government have no answer to corruption of Nitish government. They do not have the answer to the terrible unemployment in Bihar. They do not have the answer to not pay the price of the crop to the farmer nor do they have any answer to recruit health services into the ICU. ”

He went on to say- “The BJP and the Modi government have no answer to push Bihar into the darkness of illiteracy. They have no answer to bring the industry to a standstill. They have to bring Bihar to the brink of ruin.” There is no answer. They have no answer to the massacre of Munger. “

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Rajnath said – Congress will not be able to show its face

Earlier, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh made a major attack on the Congress, citing the statement of Pakistan minister on Pulwama attack and referring to Galvan violence. Rajnath Singh, while addressing a public meeting in Patna on Saturday, surrounded the Congress and said that he questioned the valor of the Indian Army.

The Defense Minister said- “Today, by some political parties, Congress is questioning the valor and valor of our army personnel. It is said to have annexed 1200 square kilometers of land in China. If I disclose, it will be difficult to see the face. ”

He further said- “How do these people do politics? I was the country’s Home Minister and 40 soldiers were martyred in Pulwama. After that these people were campaigning in various ways that the Prime Minister would have conspired because the election came. Is so that public sympathy can be achieved. But, on the day such abominable politics has to be done, this politician will stumble and sit at home. “

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