Congress can surprise in Himachal? Before the results, why did the Chief Minister agree that the fight is tight?

Breaking the tradition of 37 years in Himachal Pradesh, will the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) form its government for the second time in a row or will the people give a chance to the Congress which has been waiting for 5 years? You will have to wait till December 8 for the exact answer to this question. At present, both the parties are claiming their respective victories, while political analysts are predicting the results with the help of voting trends. Meanwhile, the speculations have got further fueled by Chief Minister Jairam Thakur’s admission of a close contest between the BJP and the Congress. The meaning of his words is being sought.

What did the CM say?

Voting took place in Himachal Pradesh on 12 November. Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, in a conversation with news agency ANI, admitted that neither the BJP nor the Congress is in a position to claim a one-sided victory amid discussions about the highest ever voting trend. He admitted that there is a close contest between the two parties. However, he expressed confidence that the BJP would once again form the government and many senior Congress leaders would lose the elections. When asked about the Congress’s claim of winning 40-50 seats, Thakur said, “I think there will be a close fight between the BJP and the Congress in Himachal.” Neither we are in a position to talk about one-sided victory nor Congress. They (Congress) have to understand this. They are unnecessarily saying this.

What can surprise Congress?

This time the BJP hopes to break the custom in Himachal under which the people bid farewell to the government after 5 years and the party sitting in the opposition gets a chance. On the same lines, Congress and BJP have been ruling for 5-5 years. The lack of a strong leader in the Congress, factionalism in the party and a relatively sluggish campaign have led the BJP to hope that this government can return to power. However, the way the Congress party vigorously raised the issues like old pension scheme, inflation, unemployment, the party is expected to benefit greatly. Political analysts have also been saying for the past several months that OPS is a big issue among government employees in the state and the BJP may have to bear the brunt. Now the Congress leaders are looking at the Chief Minister’s acceptance of a tough fight as ‘hope’ for themselves.

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