Congress agrees on ‘one family, one ticket’ rule, ‘special exemption’ for Gandhi family; These major changes also included

Ahead of a three-day brainstorming session in Rajasthan’s Udaipur, senior Congress leader Ajay Maken said the party is completely unanimous on the ‘one family, one ticket’ rule. He said that after this Chintan Shivir, major organizational changes would be made in the party. Ajay Maken said that the Congress has fully agreed on the proposal of “one family, one ticket” and another member of the family will get the ticket if he has worked in the organization for at least five years.

Maken said, “There is almost complete consensus among the panel members on this proposal that party leaders will not give tickets to their families and relatives. Party leaders will ensure that the family or relatives get tickets without any work in the party.” Don’t give, he will have to work in the party for at least 5 years before being given a ticket.”

According to the report of NDTV, even if the ‘one family, one ticket’ rule is approved in Chintan Shivar, it may hardly apply to the Gandhi family. Leaders say the Congress is planning a discussion on “communal polarization” and preparing for state elections and the 2024 national election.

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Ajay Maken said, “Any person who has been in the post continuously will have to step down and undergo a cooling period of three years if that person returns to the same post.” He said that it has also been proposed in the Chintan Shivir that 50 percent space in the organization should be given to the youth at every level. The Congress general secretary said that between the block and booth committees, there would be an agreement to form a mandal committee, a mandal committee would have 15 to 20 booths.

“The system of working in Congress is very old. A radical change will be made in this through this Chintan Shivir. Maken, a member of the Coordination Committee on the organization of the Congress formed for the Chintan Shivir, said, “The lower level of the organization is the booth committee. Below the block committee, the booths come. But now in the middle of them, there is a proposal to form a mandal committee. There will be 15 to 20 booths in the Mandal committee. There is also a consensus on this.”

He said there is also a proposal to create a “Public Insight Department” in the party for conducting ground level surveys and other such works. Maken said, “Besides it is also proposed that the working performance of the office-bearers be assessed for scrutiny.” A unit (assessment wing) should be formed so that those who do well are given space and those who do not work are removed.”