Congratulations to Draupadi Murmu, but country should not have a rubber-stamp president: Statement of joint candidate of opposition

Joint opposition candidate for the upcoming presidential election Yashwant Sinha on Wednesday said he has “great respect” for Draupadi Murmu, another contender in the race for Rashtrapati Bhavan. He, however, said the fight was not between two people but between “opposite ideologies”. In a statement shared by the Congress on Twitter, Sinha also wished Murmu to perform “well in the elections”. Let us tell you that Yashwant Sinha left the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and joined Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC) in March last year.

Opposition candidate for presidential election Yashwant Sinha held the first meeting at the Nationalist Congress Party’s office on Wednesday to discuss his election strategy and said the country does not want a ‘rubber-stamp president’. Talking to reporters, Sinha said that the presidential election is not a personal battle but a battle of issues facing the country.

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The former Union Minister said, “I am grateful to all the political parties who gave me an opportunity in the presidential election. I am happy that these parties have reposed faith in me. I want to say that this election is not my personal fight. According to him, the Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government is walking on a path that is not good for the country and the youth are facing pain, but the government has Have done ‘joke’ by bringing ‘Agneepath’ scheme. “Presidential elections are very sensitive and I will not come under pressure from the government,” he said.

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Sinha will file his nomination on June 27 and is likely to start his campaign from Jharkhand and Bihar. “We will go to different places of the country for campaigning… We are strategizing for that,” he said. I congratulate Draupadi Murmu, but this election is not ‘I versus him’, it is an ideological contest. The country should not have a rubber-stamp president.

In a meeting related to Sinha’s election strategy, Jairam Ramesh (Congress), K. Of. Shastri (NCP) and Sudheendra Kulkarni attended. The National Democratic Alliance has nominated former Jharkhand governor Draupadi Murmu as its candidate for the presidential election. Sinha later issued a statement alleging that leaders belonging to one ideology were intent on strangling the Constitution. “These leaders believe that the President of India… rather he should be a rubber-stamp who works according to the government’s instructions,” he said. I am proud to be associated with an ideology that is committed to protecting the Constitution and the Republic.”

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Sinha said, “Amidst the attacks on the federal structure of the Constitution, the central government is trying to take away the statutory rights and powers of the state governments, which will be completely unacceptable.” Will raise voice for workers, unemployed youth and underprivileged sections.

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