Commendable: Four children were playing on the track, the train was at a distance of a few seconds, the inspector and the constable ran and saved


RPF constable Kuldeep Panwar and constable Jitendra Bhardwaj did a commendable job of saving the lives of four children at 10 am on Sunday. These children were playing with cold drink caps and stone balls on the track. Then the goods train arrived. The distance between the children and the goods train was very less. The children were so engrossed in the game that they ignored the sound of the goods train. Seeing this, the constable and the constable cried, but the children did not even pay attention to his voice. On this both of them ran and lifted all four and separated them from the track. After a few seconds, the goods train passed through that track.


Two of the children are five years old, one six and one four. All four children are from Mussoorie. They had reached near the platform while roaming in the morning. Dasna railway halt post in-charge Kuldeep Panwar and constable Jitendra were on patrol. Then a coal-laden goods train came from Hapur to Ghaziabad. The children were on the same track on which the car had come. The car reached near the children, but they did not move. Kuldeep and Jitendra were walking towards the children. When they felt that the children would not go away on their own, both of them ran. The two picked up two children one by one and drove them off the track. Now the children understood how much danger they were in.

family expressed gratitude

The constable and the constable took the four children to the post. There his family members were called. All four children are from Mussoorie. Instructed the family members not to let the children near the track. The family took the children to the heart and thanked the inspector, the constable.

children often come

Inspector Kuldeep Panwar told that the town is near. From there children often come to the railway line. Sometimes children play on the line itself. In this case special care has to be taken. On seeing the children, they are removed from there. Also be warned not to play here. Instruction is also given by calling their families.