CM Manohar Lal Khattar, Congress-Communists, instigated after the sabotage at Kisan Mahapanchayat site

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Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar gave his speech at a press conference after protesting farmers ransacked the ‘Kisan Mahapanchayat’ program site in Kaimla village of Karnal district in Haryana. He alleged that the farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chaduni, the Congress and the Communists had instigated the farmers. He said that there is democracy in the country and everyone has every right to speak. It may be known that in ‘Kisan Mahapanchayat’, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar was supposed to tell people the benefits of the three agricultural laws of the Center, but due to the opposition of the farmers, he had to cancel this panchayat.

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said, “There was a discussion yesterday with the agitating leaders and then it was agreed that they would protest in a symbolic manner, but no one would protest. Five thousand people were present in the rally. Our country has a strong democracy and everyone has the right to speak. We did not stop the statements and agitations of the peasant leaders. Many types of government have also made arrangements in the movement. It is not good that someone in democracy should stop anyone’s talk. This may not be the owner’s interest. Such an incident has earned him a bad name.

Khattar lashed out at farmer leaders, Congress and Communists
Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar further said that if I have to hold anyone responsible for this, a video of Gurnam Singh Chadrini (Indian Farmers Union chief) has been circulating since yesterday. He has done the work of inciting people. The Congress and the communists have a big hand behind this movement. Congressmen are provoking statements. The leaders who go to talks are all communist-minded. If all these people are thinking that they will accumulate their strength then they should be forgotten.

The country’s PM did a lot for the farmers
After all, what did the Prime Minister do for the farmers? They did everything. No one will say that the Prime Minister did nothing for the farmers. Initially there is opposition. like GST There was a lot of opposition in the beginning, but now there is a lot of relief due to being a tax. Traders have also been quite happy. At the same time, economic liberalism was also strongly opposed in the 90s, while it is now considered very successful.

Police leaves tear gas shells to stop march
At the same time, the police made water splashes and released tear gas shells on the farmers to stop the march towards Kaimla village. However, the protesters reached the venue and disrupted the ‘Kisan Mahapanchayat Program’. They damaged the stage, breaking chairs, tables, and pots. The farmers also took control of the temporary helipad where the Chief Minister’s helicopter was to land. BJP leader Raman Mallick said that the program has been canceled due to the spurious behavior of farmers at the behest of BKU leader Gurnam Singh Charuni. Police had made elaborate security arrangements in view of the Chief Minister’s visit to the village.