Clerics create ruckus in Iran over female model eating ice cream, ban on advertising of women

Iran’s hardline Islamic clerics have banned women from advertising. The announcement comes amid a heated debate over an ad that depicted a woman in a loose hijab eating ice cream.

The Iranian cleric was furious with the ice cream ad. He has appealed to the authorities to prosecute the local ice cream maker Domino’s. The ad has been described as ‘against public decency’ and insulting ‘values ​​of women’.

Ministry wrote letter to art and cinema schools

Now Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has written a letter to the country’s art and cinema schools on the matter, stating that women are no longer allowed to appear in advertisements as per ‘hijab and chastity rules’. The letter also states that this ban is only under the decisions of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

Pambadi is being told based on rules

The current decision is being said to be based on Iran’s rules regarding commercial advertisements, which have been in force in the country for a long time. Under this, not only women but also children and men are prohibited from showing them as ‘instrumental use’. However it depends on the rigidity of the ruling administration.

It is mandatory for women to wear hijab in Iran

Women in Iran have been required to wear the hijab since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. It is known that after this revolution, religiously conservative laws were implemented rapidly in the country. Whenever the women here try to protest against these rules, strict action is taken against them.

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