Claim of deadly attack on Putin, loud explosion near his car

The war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on and many big claims are being made in the middle of the war. But meanwhile, international media reports have claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been attacked with a deadly attack. It is claimed that a bomb was hurled near his car and he narrowly escaped. However, this has not been officially confirmed.

‘Bomb attack near Putin’s limousine’

In fact, many other media reports, including ‘The Mirror’, quoting Kremlin sources, have claimed that a bomb was attacked near Vladimir Putin’s limousine car and an attempt was made to kill him. It is being told that there was a ‘strong explosion’ in the left side of Putin’s car and after that ‘a lot of smoke’ also came out. However, when and where this happened has not been told.

smoke emanating from the car after the blast

He claimed that Putin’s limousine car was safely taken to another place. Putin was not harmed in this incident. Another report said that all this happened when Putin was returning from somewhere and during this time the first car of the security squad was stopped by an ambulance and then the next moment a loud sound was heard in Putin’s car and then smoke in it. Started leaving

Putin was taken to a safe place

After the incident, the car was surrounded by bombproof and bulletproof security personnel and efforts were made to clear the smoke spreading around. Soon after, Putin was taken to a safe place. It is also being told that it was a suicide attack.

The loss to the Russian army in Ukraine!

It has also come to the fore that many people engaged in Putin’s security have been arrested. On the other hand, according to a report in ‘The Sun’, it is not clear when this attempt to assassinate Putin took place. Let us tell you that the attack on Putin has been claimed at a time when the Russian army has suffered heavy losses in the counterattack of Ukraine. Putin is also being criticized for this.

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