China’s tension is not reduced by the defeat of Trump, Dragon said – Biden will also continue vigorously

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Following the defeat of Donald Trump in the US presidential election and the victory of Joe Biden, all countries are busy brainstorming on what their relationship with the US will be in the future. Meanwhile, China has assumed that Donald Trump will remain in the regime or whatever Biden, the US will continue to tighten against him. The mouthpiece of the Chinese government has asked people not to take this illusion in mind that Biden’s victory will improve relations with America or change it.

The Chinese mouthpiece said, “America’s rivalry with China and its siege against China will intensify.” But it is in the interest of the common people of both countries and the international community that the Sino-US relationship softens and becomes controllable. ”

The newspaper has said that some Chinese people are looking at Biden as an old friend, but experts are advising not to expect more from him. In another article, the Global Times has said that there may be some softening in the Sino-US relationship for some time, but in the long term there will be major challenges in the relationship between the two countries. The Global Times has said in an editorial that it does not matter who wins. Both parties (Democrats and Republicans) have the same attitude towards China. Both parties consider China as their strategic adversary and want to stop China.

Chinese experts have said that Joe Biden’s victory in the US presidential election may give China some relief from President Donald Trump’s declaration of ‘Cold War’ but a high level of rivalry between the two countries is likely to continue. Trump’s four-year tenure is considered the worst in terms of Sino-US relations. According to Chinese officials, the ruling Communist Party of China, led by President Xi Chinfing, has faced the most unexpected leader ever since the historic visit of former US President Richard Nixon to Beijing in 1972.

Trump has been very aggressive on all aspects of US-China relations. This includes trade wars, challenging Chinese military dominance in the disputed South China Sea, and propagating the Corona virus ‘like a Chinese virus.’

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