China’s campaign: aircraft carrier passed through Japan, preparing for possible military conflicts


China’s naval aircraft carrier Liaoning with eight Chinese warships passed through the Okinawa island chain in southern Japan on Monday. According to Chinese state media, it is a preparation for operations, including a possible military dispute in one of the Straits of Taiwan.


These battleships passed between the main island of Okinawa and Miyakojima. Japan’s defense ministry and Chinese state media said there was no intrusion into Japanese-held waters during this period. Helicopters on board the Liaoning aircraft carrier took off and landed.

The Chinese fleet was also accompanied by a Guided Missile Destroyer, a Guided Missile Frigate and the Type 901 Supply Ship Hulunhu. For the first time since December last year, it has been confirmed that a Chinese aircraft carrier has passed through the area. Over the past few months, the PLA has deployed a large number of warships and its fighters have taken off in the Taiwan Strait.

According to the principles of the Chinese Navy, this island is the first island chain and crossing them is a show of its power from its side. A statement issued by the Defense Ministry of Japan said that to monitor the evacuation of Chinese aircraft carriers, our Maritime Self-Defense Force along with a helicopter carrier Izumo, P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft and P-3C Anti-Submarine Aircraft. was sent to

A Global Times report said that with at least eight warships and destroyers, it is the largest aircraft carrier group out at sea. The report described China’s operation as a significant increase in combat capabilities to prepare for a possible military conflict in the Taiwan Strait as well as other operations.

At present, China has two aircraft carriers, Liaoning and Shandong. At the same time, the third aircraft carrier is expected to join the Navy this year. According to the report, based on past visits, after crossing the Miyako Strait, the Chinese fleet could move to the Far East in the Pacific Ocean or turn to Taiwan via the Bashi Channel and conduct exercises in the South China Sea. Is.