China’s America tied hands on Taiwan, how difficult it is to enter the war

Ignoring all warnings from China, Speaker of the US Parliament Nancy Pelosi has visited Taiwan. During this, Chinese planes also entered the Taiwan border and kept hovering around its sky. Not only this, angry China has expressed its objection to this act by summoning the American ambassador. It is clear that relations between the US and China have reached a low level and Taiwan has become the root of the quarrel between the two. However, in the meantime, a question also arises whether, like Ukraine, will the US leave Taiwan alone in the war with China and leave? Many promises were made by the US even before Russia’s attack on Ukraine, but in the event of war, it did not take any major step other than imposing economic sanctions on Russia.

Nancy Pelosi, who arrived in Taiwan, said that we are with Taiwan and will not give up our commitment to it. Taiwan’s leader Tsai Ing Weng said that we are committed to peace and stability. At the same time, Pelosi said that we will stick to the promises made to Taiwan and will be with it at every level. At the same time, China’s representative to the United Nations, Zhang Jun, has called it a provocative action. “As we are seeing, this tour is extremely dangerous and provocative,” he said. This is going to undermine China’s sovereignty and integrity. It is clear that tensions between the US and China have increased and Taiwan is in danger of becoming a battleground. Although experts believe that China will hardly attack Taiwan.

Why China is afraid of losing more than Russia

The reason for this is that China is moving ahead economically and China’s GDP is equal to 76 percent of its GDP compared to America. Apart from this, Russia’s GDP is equal to 10% of America’s. In such a situation, when America imposed economic sanctions on Russia in the event of war, it did have an effect, but not much. China will not be able to handle such a situation. China, which has become the world’s second largest economy, will not want to take any such step by merely provoking Taiwan, which threatens its economy.

So will China’s economic collapse be the beginning?

In the last few decades, China has written a new story of development through industries like agriculture, manufacturing, hi-tech industry. In this, its trade relations with America and exports to European countries have contributed a lot. In the event of war, America and its allies can suppress this weak vein of China, which will be difficult for it to deal with. A major share in Russia’s economy is the supply of oil and gas, which it has handled with the help of countries like India. But in the event of this happening with China, it will be more difficult to recover. This means that where China is at the stage of economic growth, it will not consider it prudent to go to war.

China’s Navy and Air Force are also behind compared to America

Apart from this, if there is a war over Taiwan, then China will have to fight more on the basis of Air Force and Navy. But in this case he is not in a position to challenge America. China started the modernization of its air force and navy in the early 1990s. It is true that the Taiwan Strait is quite narrow and its width is less than 100 miles. China has also deployed a large number of missiles on the coast near Taiwan. But even after this it will not be easy for him to fight in Taiwan. Even if America does not enter this war, but it has already given large-scale modern weapons to Taiwan.

8 of China’s 10 biggest trade partners America and its friends

Trade with the US and its allies is a major contributor to the economic development that China has made in the past decades. China is currently the largest trading country in the world in terms of imports and exports. Among its 10 largest partners in this export and import, 8 countries are America and its partners. In such a situation, if China moves towards attacking Taiwan, then the sanctions of America and its allies will give a big blow to it. In such a situation, China can go into deep crisis financially. This is the biggest reason that prevents China from war even after being furious over the Taiwan issue.

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