China’s action amid Nancy Pelosi’s visit, 21 fighter planes sent to Taiwan’s ADIZ

Tensions between China and the US have reached a peak due to the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan. Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday. Now Taiwanese officials claim that 21 Chinese fighter planes have entered its air defense zone. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in a statement on Twitter, 21 PLA fighter aircraft have entered Taiwan’s Southwest Air Defense Identification Zone zone.

Let us tell you that the Air Defense Identification Zone is not Taiwan’s airspace, but a large part of it is also included in China. Pelosi has reached Taiwan despite strong opposition from China. Let us tell you that China lays its claim on Taiwan and therefore it does not tolerate the arrival of a US official. China has even threatened America with war for this.

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Why is Pelosi’s visit important?

Nancy Pelosi is also considered a contender for the next President of America. At the same time, no senior US official has visited Taiwan for a long time. She is the biggest US leader to reach Taiwan in the last 25 years. China had threatened that the US would have to pay the price if Nancy Pelosi went to Taiwan. China also deployed its war ships and fighter aircraft on the international border.

Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan in a US military plane amid tight security. They also have a fleet of planes with them. Taiwan says Pelosi’s visit shows the US stands with it. Let us tell you that for some time, China has intensified activities around Taiwan. He often sends his planes to Taiwan. Many times Chinese aircraft have also been driven out of Taiwan.

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