China warns US against adding Taiwan to name of Taipei Washington office – International news in Hindi

There has been a long-standing conflict between the US and China over Taiwan. The United States is still considering accepting a request from Taiwan that the dragon is furious. Beijing has warned the US against changing the name of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office to the Taiwan Representative Office in Washington. China has strongly objected to media reports that US President Joe Biden’s administration is seriously considering allowing Taiwan to rename the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office to the Taiwan Representative Office. Used to be.

The Financial Times reported on Saturday that the US is seriously considering allowing the Taiwanese government to rename its representative office in Washington to include the word ‘Taiwan’. As soon as this report came out, Beijing got angry and even threatened the US, saying that it would disturb the peace in the region.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that Beijing has lodged serious opposition with the US side regarding this report. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the US should adhere to the one-China principle and officially stop all exchanges with Taiwan and not rename Taipei Economic and Cultural. America’s talk of ‘Taiwan independence’ means sending the wrong message to the separatist forces.

Responding to questions from reporters, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the US side should handle the Taiwan question judiciously, lest it seriously undermine Sino-US relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. Do it China views Taiwan as part of its sovereign territory and has long warned the US against offering any support to the self-governing island.

Indeed, the Financial Times, citing internal US discussions, said that Taiwan requested the US government last March to change the name of its mission in the US capital from “Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office” to “Taiwan Representative Office”. Go. After this, it is believed that the Biden administration is considering approving it.

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