China reached backfoot in Ladakh, furious, said – War is always on the minds of some Indians

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China has been left stunned for not getting success even after creating tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) of eastern Ladakh. Now he has started meddling on the internal politics of India. China’s mouthpiece Global Times said that war always goes on in the minds of some Indians, no matter the internal conditions of the country. The article referred to the statement of UP BJP Chief Swatantra Dev Singh, in which he said that PM Modi has decided when the war with Pakistan and China will take place.

The article in the Global Times said, “According to the Indian media reports, BJP Uttar Pradesh chief Swatantra Dev Singh has claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already decided when the war with Pakistan and China will take place. Such ambitious claims will create a misconception for the Indian people that India is so powerful that it will surely win if it goes to war with China and Pakistan. “But they (UP BJP Chief) failed to mention that the national strength, including China’s military strength, is more than that of India.”

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This article has been written by analyst Wang Wenwen in the Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times. However, he has also recognized that India is a major power in political terms. In the article, he also mentioned the assembly elections of five states, including Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, which took place two years ago. He wrote, “BJP has lost government in five states since the end of 2018. Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. This casts doubt on the BJP’s ability to run the government. ”

Commenting on India’s internal politics, Wang wrote in the article that Swatantra Dev Singh did not help to re-establish the BJP’s reputation, but referred to the war without thinking of the consequences. This may generate some support for the BJP, creating the current tense India-China relations and nationalist sentiment in India but he is taking Indians towards an impractical path.

‘India needs to send Goodwill signal’

Buoyed by the statement of Swatantra Dev Singh, the Chinese analyst says that India needs to send Goodwill signals instead of resorting to unbridled attitudes and staunch nationalist sentiments. China, which has spread the corona virus worldwide, has further stated in the article that if India wants to win the battle, then it needs to focus on the corona virus. India ranks second in the most cases in the world. By Sunday, the death toll from Corona virus in Uttar Pradesh has risen to 6,882. At the same time, in comparison 4,634 people have died in China.

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