China played with America, then Iran and Saudi Arabia became ‘friends’

China played with America, then Iran and Saudi Arabia became ‘friends’

Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two powers of the Middle East, have once again become ‘friends’. Iranian state media gave this information on Friday. It reported that both the rival countries have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations. The interesting thing here is that an agreement was reached after the meeting held in Beijing, the capital of China, to re-establish relations between the two countries. The Iran-Saudi Arabia deal is considered a major diplomatic victory for China.

“As a result of the talks, Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to resume diplomatic relations and reopen embassies within two months,” Iranian news agency IRNA reported. Iranian media has also shared pictures and videos taken in China along with the meeting. Also seen in it are Saudi National Security Adviser Musad bin Mohammed Al-Aiban and Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani along with China’s most senior diplomat Wang Yi.

Saudi Arabia severed ties with Iran in 2016 after its embassy in Tehran was attacked. Relations between the two countries deteriorated after Saudi Arabia executed a Shia Muslim cleric. Iran is the main Shia Muslim country in the Middle East. While Saudi Arabia is the largest oil exporter Sunni Muslim country in the Middle East.

Has China played with America?

The friendship between Iran and Saudi Arabia is considered to be another major setback for America. Actually Saudi Arabia has been an ally of America for a long time. Arab countries buy large quantities of weapons from America. In addition, Saudi Arabia needs an external guarantor for its security. America is playing that role in the present circumstances. But in the past, the inclination of Saudi has been seen towards China.

Last year, OPEC Plus, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, decided to cut oil production, despite protests from the US. Saudi Arabia dominates OPEC Plus. America made sharp statements many times but Saudi did not change its decision. It is believed that Saudi is not giving price to America also because now it is turning towards China as the buyer of its oil. America is not currently much dependent on Middle East oil but China definitely is. Saudi Arabia, traditionally close to the US, has not had good relations with Iran and China. Saudi Arabia and Iran supported different sides in Yemen’s civil war.

America has imposed sanctions on Iran

Saudi Arabia’s decision to re-establish relations with Iran will definitely make America restless. America has been trying to isolate Iran for a long time, but its closeness to Saudi Arabia can prove to be a big blow to this plan of America. It is said that Iran has come very close to making an atomic bomb. America has always been against Iran’s nuclear program. This is the reason why Iran has been facing sanctions for a long time. A top US official has said that Iran could make enough weapons-grade uranium for a nuclear bomb in about 12 days. This shows that Iran’s nuclear program has become very advanced.

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