China fired missiles fiercely on Taiwan border, also flared up on G-7’s opposition; anger on japan

China is furious with US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Chinese soldiers have fired missiles fiercely on the Taiwan border. Several ballistic missiles were fired into the waters around Taiwan during military exercises. Taipei’s defense ministry called it an “irrational” action that undermines regional peace.

“The Communist Party of China has fired several ballistic missiles of the Dongfeng series in the vicinity of northeastern and southwestern Taiwan at approximately 13:56 pm today,” Taiwan’s defense ministry said in a brief statement.

China’s Eastern Theater Command said on Thursday it had completed several firings of conventional missiles on waters off the east coast of Taiwan as part of a planned exercise. A spokesman for the Eastern Theater Command said in a statement that control of the relevant maritime and airspace was withdrawn after the firing was complete.

Dragon furious over opposition to G-7
The Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that a meeting between Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Japanese counterpart on the sidelines of ASEAN events in Cambodia has been cancelled. At a regular media briefing, ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said the Chinese side was deeply annoyed by the joint statement made by the Group of Seven regarding Taiwan.

Let us tell you that the foreign ministers of G-7 countries, including Japan, on Wednesday called on China to resolve the tension around the Taiwan Strait peacefully.

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