China: Corona cases broke record, more than 26 thousand cases in 24 hours, situation worsened due to lockdown in Shanghai


The third wave of corona in China is getting out of control. Despite strict restrictions, record cases of corona are being reported in China. In the last 24 hours, more than 26 thousand cases of corona have been reported in the country. Meanwhile, India has suspended its consular services in Shanghai.


The Chinese administration said on Wednesday that on April 12, 25,141 new cases of asymptomatic corona have been reported, while 1,189 cases with symptoms have been found. The asymptomatic cases stand at 22,348 a day before. Defending the zero Kovid policy amid the increasing cases of Corona, the Chinese Foreign Minister’s spokesperson said, this policy is based on anti-epidemic protocol science and expert opinion.

On the other hand, the situation in Shanghai is worsening due to the lockdown. The Indian Embassy in Beijing said that the Consulate General could not be contacted due to the lockdown in Shanghai. The Consulate General in Shanghai is not in a position to personally offer consular services. The embassy has also issued guidelines for Indians.

77 million people in the world are in the pit of poverty: UN

A UN report said that due to Kovid-19, 77 million people went into poverty last year and many developing countries are not recovering from the effects of the epidemic due to heavy interest on loans. This number is before the impact of the ongoing war in Ukraine.

According to the report, rich countries can recover from the decline caused by the epidemic by taking loans at very low interest, but poor countries spend billions of dollars to pay their debt and due to high interest rate loans, they are able to improve education-health, environment. And could not spend much on reducing inequality.