China again impedes the proposal to blacklist the main conspirator of 26/11 attack

China has blocked the US proposal to designate Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Sajid Mir as an international terrorist at the United Nations. India also supported this proposal. Mir is one of India’s most wanted terrorists and also the main conspirator of the 2008 Mumbai attack.

Beijing is reported to have blocked a US resolution on Thursday to designate Mir as a global terrorist and blacklist him under the UN Security Council’s 1267 Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee.

The US agency FBI has already declared Mir a ‘Most Wanted’ terrorist on charges of conspiring to damage foreign government property, aiding terrorists, killing a civilian outside the US and bombing public places. Is. Six Americans were among the 166 people killed in the Mumbai attacks. The FBI has set a reward of up to $5 million for anyone leading to Mir’s arrest and conviction.

Pakistan government has always been lying about Sajid Mir. Pakistan has always denied the presence of Sajid Mir. Pakistan even claimed that Sajid Mir was dead. There was also news of Mir’s detention in June. Then, hoping for relief from the FATF, Pakistan had made a kind of pretense of reducing the stain on its arm.

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