Cheapest electricity will be available in India, Gautam Adani said – this will increase the economy 10 times

Billionaire businessman Gautam Adani has said that India today stands at the turning point of such a dramatic change, from where there will be several thousand billion dollar companies in the country, renewable energy will give it the cheapest electricity and due to this, the country’s economy will be 10 by 2050. Multiplication will increase. Adani said during the TIE Global Summit on the Incredible India and Opportunity for India initiative that by 2050 India’s gross domestic product (GDP) will increase from the current $ 2,800 billion to $ 28,000 billion.

One out of every three middle class families in the world will be from India

The valuation of the stock market will reach $ 30,000 billion in this period and the size of the retail market will reach $ 10,000 billion. With this, one family out of every three middle class families in the world will be from India. Adani said, combining India’s soft power as well as hard power of GDP of 28 thousand billion dollars and share market valuation of 30 thousand billion dollars, India will be such an incredible country to become the country with the greatest opportunities during the 21st century. Must be moving on the path.

Today the world’s GDP is 85,000 billion dollars

He said that during this journey there will be a time when sluggishness can come, but every big economy has to go through such a time. Of course, there may be difficult challenges for India which will be difficult to overcome, but it cannot be denied that big opportunities are waiting for India. Adani said that the world’s GDP today is $ 85,000 billion, of which India’s share is $ 2,800 billion.

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He said, in 2050, the global GDP is estimated to reach from 170 to 180 thousand billion dollars, then India’s GDP is estimated to be 28 thousand billion dollars. Thus it will contribute 15 percent to the global GDP in 2050. Adani said, I am confident that this will happen because whatever necessary structural reforms are needed for it are now being pushed forward and these reforms are laying the foundation for the expansion of our national growth.

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He said that India’s population will also reach 160 crores in 2050 and that every three middle class families in the world will have one Indian family. India will be the largest middle class country in the world. No country has ever made such a large middle class. By then the size of the retail business will reach 10 thousand billion dollars. Investment in India will be its goal for every global company.

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