Chandigarh MMS Leak Case: Another girl’s video was made, claims lawyer of the accused

A shocking revelation has come to light in the Chandigarh University leak case. It has been claimed that the accused girl had also made a video of another girl. This has been accepted by the lawyer of the accused girl only. It is worth mentioning that till now it is being said by the university administration and the police that the girl was only making her own video and sending it to her boyfriend. Three people including the girl have been arrested in this case. One of them is said to be the boyfriend of the girl.

variety of claims

The disclosure of the accused girl’s lawyer is also shocking because it is completely different from the claim of the university. The university had said in its statement that the girl had leaked her personal videos. It was said that she had sent this video to her boyfriend in Shimla. But India Today claimed that the accused girl’s lawyer has revealed that he had also shot a video of another girl. Significantly, after this revelation in Chandigarh University, there was a lot of uproar on Saturday night. It was claimed that videos of about 60 girls were made.

FIR story different

At the same time, the FIR of the manager of Chandigarh University Girls Hostel is also telling a different story. In this FIR lodged on September 17, the manager has claimed that the accused girl has admitted to making objectionable videos of other girl students. According to the FIR, some other girl students had also accused the girl of making a video. After this the manager called the police and handed over the accused girl. On September 18, the police registered an FIR in the matter. The FIR also mentions that at 3 pm on September 17, six girls had complained about the matter to the hostel warden. After this the warden told this to the hostel manager over the phone. All the girls including the accused girl were called to the manager’s office.

It was agreed in front of the manager too

The FIR also mentions that when the hostel manager checked the phone of the accused girl, it was found that many videos and photos were deleted. Even when she was in the manager’s office, calls and messages were constantly coming to her phone. According to the complaint lodged, all these messages and calls were from the girl’s boyfriend. During this the hostel manager picked up the call and spoke on the speaker. Then ask the manager to send the video to him. On this he sent a screenshot of the accused girl’s phone. At the same time, it is also being told that the girl had admitted in front of the hostel manager that she had made objectionable videos.

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