CBSE Syllabus: CBSE removes the rise of Islam and Mughal Empire from the book, Faiz’s poetry also ‘Udai’


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has prescribed the syllabus for the students of class X, XI and XII for the academic session 2022-23. Along with this, the syllabus and related books were made available to 117 schools of the district. Accordingly, the chapter on Central Islamic Land from the History book of XI and the Mughal Empire chapter from the Book of XII has been removed. These chapters will not be taught from the new academic session. The new system of the board has been implemented in the entire country simultaneously.

According to the format prescribed by CBSE, the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, given as examples in the matter of caste, religion and gender in Chapter 4, has been removed from the Class X Political Science book. The chapter “Central Islamic Land” has been omitted from the Class XI book titled Some Subjects of World History. In this chapter, the students were given information about the rise and development of Islam, the spread of Islam from the seventh to the twelfth century.

Similarly, the Mughal Empire was removed from the ninth chapter of Indian History Part II of Class XII. In this chapter, the students were taught about the history of Mughals, Mughal establishment, Mughal court, Akbarnama, Baburnama. This change of the board is being linked to the new education policy, which is focused on promoting the Indian system of education.

Industrial Revolution, Colonial City, Partition Removed

The Board has removed the Evolution and Evolution of Man on Earth in the Paleolithic, Industrial Revolution syllabus from the class XI book. It included the causes and effects of the Industrial Revolution of England, how imperialism was promoted, etc. Similarly there is no change in part one of the 12th book. Part two to ninth chapter Mughal Empire and part three to 12th chapter British era Bombay, Calcutta and Madras established in colonial city and 14th chapter cause and effect of Partition India have been removed.

The board has removed some chapters from the history book of class XI and XII. These include many chapters like the Mughal Empire, Islamic Land, Industrial Revolution. This information has been given to the students. Reading work is going on. The courses are impressive and reflect Indian history.

Shashi Chaturvedi, PGT (History), Army Public School

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