cab drivers strike in delhi today 6 lakh children will have trouble going to school Parents have to take time off

School cabs will be completely closed on Monday in the capital Delhi. Due to this, about six lakh children will have trouble going to school. About 35 thousand cab drivers of Delhi will be on strike on Monday against the investigation campaign being run by the Transport Department. All the drivers are joining the strike on the call of School Transport Ekta Union.

At the same time, the union has also announced to hold demonstrations in some areas of Delhi, due to which there may be a situation of jam in some places. Decision to go ahead with the strike is also possible to say to the union officials that if our demands are not accepted, then a meeting will be taken on Monday evening and a decision will be taken to carry forward the strike. On the other hand, farmer leader Gurnam Singh Chaduni says that the Bharatiya Kisan Union supports the strike. Delhi government should not try to understand him alone. The union alleges that for the last two weeks, the Transport Department has been running a campaign regarding school cabs.

Over 700 Cab Seizures

More than 700 cabs have been seized, for which cab drivers have to spend huge amount to get them free. In fact, more than 50 percent of the school cabs in the capital are non-commercial, about which the Transport Department says that if an accident happens, who will be responsible for it. More children are being seated in the cabs than the prescribed seats, due to which the campaign is being run.

On the other hand, Union President Ramchandra says that for the last five years, due to the rules related to speed governance, the Transport Department has not allowed any vehicle to be purchased in school cabs in commercial category. When this issue was raised from our side, they said that private cabs will be given an opportunity to be converted into commercial class, but now school cabs are being forcibly seized without giving any opportunity. Therefore, it has been decided to go on strike from Monday.

Time will have to be taken to reach school

Amidst the strike of cab drivers, difficulties have arisen in front of the parents. There are a large number of such children in the capital, whose mother and father both work. They employ school cabs so that there is no problem in sending the children to school. But now due to the strike, they will have to take time off and drop the children to school. Also have to go to get it. It is possible to take leave from office.

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