Businessman Donald Trump reached America’s presidency on Twitter.

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The Twitter account of the most followed by Trump in the world has been permanently closed. This account of Trump was created on May 4, 2009. When Trump started using it, he was just a New York real estate businessman, but the wheel of time changed. His popularity continued to grow and in 2016 he became the 45th President of the world’s most powerful country, America. He used this platform lawfully on every occasion. In the course of 12 years, he tweeted about 57 thousand.

Use of social media
In the summer of 2011, Trump announced that he would not contest the 2012 election, but would remain in the running, said Sam Nunberg, Trump’s longest-time mentor. After this his team started promoting his profile. Trump’s team decided to use social media. At first he focused his attention on Twitter. Trump already had an account here. He had millions of followers on this and from here his popularity grew.

Arbitrary use of platform
Trump’s arbitrary experiment of twitter. They started making announcements related to the policy from name of people to twitter. He was aware of the power of social media, so he used it fiercely. He removed his secretary of state only through a tweet. Not only this, the new Secretary of State was also appointed through it.

Recognized the importance of the stage
Trump is one of the few leaders in the world who has recognized the importance of social media. The names of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and former US President Barack Obama are also included in this. They too recognized the importance of the platform and used it fiercely.

Most famous tweet
On October 2, 2020, Trump announced in his most popular tweet that he and his wife (First Lady Melania Trump) had become corona infected. According to the report, this post was liked by one crore 80 lakh people and 4 lakh retweeted.

Some of Trump’s tweets
– September 2017: Heard the North Korean Foreign Minister in the U.N. Trump has declared war against North Korea.
– March 2018: Trump removed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson by tweeting. Mike Pompeo was made Secretary of State.
– April 2019: Trump said, I don’t know anything about branding. If I were the President of Boeing, I would have given it a new name.
– August 2019: Trump posted a picture of the Iranian satellite launch failing. It was disclosed by America.

Special things about Trump’s Twitter account
– In 2009, an account was created on Twitter.
– There were 8.87 crore followers till the account was suspended.
– 51 people were following President Donald Trump.
– 57 thousand tweeted from his account in last 12 years.
– 30,572 text-only tweeted trumps.
– Trump responded to 3,624 tweets.
– Trump tweeted 12,906 links or pictures.