Bulldozers will run on the restaurant where drugs were given to Sonali Phogat; NGT order

BJP leader and social media star Sonali Phogat, where she was last seen, is now set to be bulldozed at the Curleys restaurant. This restaurant will be demolished for violating the rules set for construction in the coastal area. This order was issued by the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority, which has been upheld by the National Green Tribunal. It is a matter of coincidence that this order of the Green Tribunal has come at a time when Sonali Phogat has died suspiciously. Before this incident, Sonali Phogat was last seen in Curlies restaurant.

Restaurant owner Lynette Nunes appealed against this order in the Green Tribunal. For the first time, the Goa Coastal Management Authority had issued the demolition order of the restaurant in July this year. In this case, a person named Kashinath Shetye had complained before the Goa Coastal Management Authority alleging violation of rules. Hearing that application, the authority had issued an order to demolish it. After this the owner of the restaurant filed an appeal in the Supreme Court. During the hearing, the Supreme Court had said that the NGT should take a decision in this matter. Now the NGT has also stamped the order of the authority and said that the decision to demolish the restaurant is right.

Last month, Sonali Phogat was on a tour of Goa and was taken to the hospital by two of her assistants. where he was pronounced dead. In the initial information, it was said that Sonali Phogat died due to heart attack. But his family questioned this and said that this could not happen. She was absolutely fit and could not have had a heart attack. After this, when the investigation was done and the post-mortem was done, something suspicious was found. There were injuries in his body. After this, now the matter is being thoroughly investigated. Goa Police had also investigated Sonali Phogat’s home district Hisar recently. Goa Police has also arrested both the associates of Sonali Phogat.

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