British man had earbud stuck in his ear for five years, thinking he was going deaf

A unique case has come to light in Britain. A man was constantly troubled by the thought that he was becoming deaf. When he went to get it treated, it was found that the earbud was stuck in his ear. It is also interesting that five years back he himself had put this earbud in his ear and forgot to remove it later. The name of this 66-year-old man is Wallace Lee and he has been an engineer in the Navy.

growing problem

Wallace believed he had hearing problems from 24 years working with military helicopters. Apart from this, he was also worried about his old injury, which he had got while playing rugby. According to the New York Times, Lee made many efforts to get rid of this problem. He also went to the doctors, but even the doctors could not notice the stuck earbud. On the other hand, the problem of Lee’s hearing loss was increasing. This was also affecting his golf game.

then came to know like this

Feeling defeated, he bought a bluetooth connected endoscope, checked himself and found something was stuck in his left ear. Although he still could not figure out what it was. After this, he reached the ENT surgeon in the hospital located near his house. Here, after a lot of effort, finally the earbud stuck in his ear came out. Lee says that now he can hear completely clearly and he is very happy about it.

When was it stuck in the ear?

Now Lee started remembering that when did this earbud finally get stuck in his ear? According to the BBC, he then remembered his visit to Australia five years ago. Lee told that five years ago he was going to Australia to be with his family. During this time he bought these small earplugs. It could be attached in many ways. An attachment of the same earplug remained in the ear and started causing hearing loss over time.

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