Black Hole: A new black hole becomes a monster, every second is swallowing a planet like Earth


Astronomers have discovered the fastest growing black hole. This black hole is so huge that every second, planets as big as our Earth are being swallowed up by giants. Not only this, this new black hole is shining a thousand times more than the total light of our galaxy.

Astronomers have detected for the first time the fastest growing black hole in the past nine billion years, according to the study published in the ARXIV journal. Its mass is 3 billion times greater than that of the Sun. According to astronomers from the Australian National University (ANU), the black hole looks like a big needle in dry grass. It is so large that it can accommodate all the orbits of the planets in our solar system.

swallowing things that come near

Leading researcher Dr. Christopher Onken said that astronomers have been swallowing things that come near them for more than 50 years. They said they now want to know why it is different.

500 times bigger than the recently found black

This black hole was found during the search for special types of stars this year. In the same year, researchers discovered a black hole called Sagittarius A in our Galaxy. But it is 500 times more massive than Sagittarius A.

is seven times brighter than the stars

Like black holes, the black hole just found is very bright. Scientists say that it is 7 thousand times brighter than the stars of the Milky Way. Onken says that two galaxies may have collided. Due to this, the black hole has got many objects of space to fit inside it, due to which it has become very bright.

two big galaxies

Researchers speculate that one of the reasons behind its enormous size may be that two large galaxies collided, leaving a lot of material for the black hole to swallow. The death of a star with such a high gravitational field results in the formation of a black hole, which traps the light of the dead star in the small space beneath it.

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