Black cobra was standing spreading fun on the road, condition will be thin after watching amazing video

Whenever there is mention of snake.. fear is visible on people’s faces. People get scared on seeing him. Due to its poisonous tendency, it is said that a snake bite does not even ask for water. Videos related to snakes keep going viral on social media these days. People are surprised after watching these videos. Amazing videos related to snakes are enough to spoil any condition. One such video is going viral on social media, in which a long black snake is seen raising its hood.

This pose of snake in the viral video is really going to give goosebumps. It is seen in the video that a black cobra is seen spreading fun on the middle of the road. He is seen peeping through the net of the gutter flowing under the road. Only then the snake starts crawling fast on the road. While crossing the road, a speeding car comes in front of the snake. From which the snake is seen running away.

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This viral video has been shared on Instagram with an account named exoticexperts. Till the time of writing this video, this video has been viewed more than one lakh. After watching the video, users are giving different reactions to it. One user wrote, “Poor snake, I would have stopped my car for him.” Another user wrote, “Is he ok, I am worried about him.” A third user wrote, “Oh God, at least let him cross the road.”

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