BJP will not repeat Gujarat-Himachal mistake, new formula ready for Karnataka victory

BJP will not repeat Gujarat-Himachal mistake, new formula ready for Karnataka victory

BJP has come up with a new election model to hoist the flag of victory in the Karnataka assembly elections. The ruling party’s emphasis is on understanding the different types of politics and voting methods according to the particular state. The formulas adopted by the BJP during elections in the Hindi heartland and Gujarat will see a change this time. The challenge before the saffron party is to retain power in this southern state. It is believed that this time the BJP may get a tough fight from the Congress. In such a situation, BJP has become a bit more cautious. It is known that assembly elections are to be held here in May this year.

NDTV quoted sources as saying that the BJP is talking about adopting a new formula in Karnataka. This time the party is going to refrain from cutting tickets of its sitting MLAs. The reason for this is that most of the leaders have their own strong vote banks. They have a large group of supporters in their respective constituencies. It has nothing to do with which party the current MLA belongs to. Earlier it has been seen that BJP has denied tickets to many of its sitting MLAs. Emphasis has been placed on promoting new faces from the party. Along with this, to avoid anti-incumbency, a new team of ministers has also been formed.

What is the problem in implementing the old formula

According to the report, it is not that the demand for implementation of this old formula of BJP in Karnataka did not arise. Many leaders of the state pleaded that the new entrants be given tickets. It was also said on his behalf that even the relatives of the MLAs should not get tickets. However, the party high command believes that the political situation in Karnataka is somewhat different. It would not be right to apply the Gujarat formula here. Sources said that there are 120 such seats in the state where the leaders won the elections on their own. In such a situation, if he is denied a ticket, he will not hesitate to change the party and BJP will not want that at all.

Rebellion over ticket cutting in Gujarat-Himachal

Despite this, the ruling party may deny tickets to 6-7 MLAs in the state which has 224 assembly seats. Senior BJP leader and former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa himself has given this statement. Some of these are such that their age is around 75 years and some people’s health is not supporting them. BJP can deny ticket to such leaders. However, their opinion will be important in deciding who will get ticket on the seats under the influence of these leaders. Keep in mind that some serious consequences of BJP’s Gujarat election formula came to the fore. The saffron party had denied tickets to 42 sitting MLAs in Gujarat and 11 in Himachal Pradesh before the recent assembly elections. In such a situation, the party had to face rebellion in both the states.

What will happen to the leaders coming from other parties

Before the elections, a strategy is also being made regarding the MLAs leaving other parties and joining the BJP. There will be special emphasis on leaders coming from Congress and HD Kumaraswamy’s Janata Dal Secular. According to the report, the saffron party will also give tickets to such leaders from their current seats. The BJP is banking on the personal clout of state leaders as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi to return to power. The chief strategist in this election is still going to be former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa. Yediyurappa is not contesting the election himself this time but will play an important role behind the scenes. His younger son BY Vijayendra is likely to contest from his seat Shikaripura. However, to dismiss the allegations of dynastic politics, the BJP is yet to offer Vijayendra a ticket or a party post.

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