BJP will die in Bengal, TMC leader performs tarpan for Shubhendu Adhikari and Dilip Ghosh

Political parties use different tactics to oppose each other in politics. The method adopted by Trinamool Congress leader Madan Mitra has sparked controversy. West Bengal is famous for Durga Puja in the country and the world. It started with Mahalaya on Sunday. It is believed that ‘Tarpan’ is performed in the honor of ancestors on the day of Mahalaya. The relatives of the deceased perform tarpan on the banks of river Ganga.

Senior Trinamool Congress leader Madan Mitra also performed the tarpan. However, he has courted controversy by offering prayers for BJP leaders Shubhendu Adhikari and Dilip Ghosh. During this, he also garlanded the photographs of Shubhendu Adhikari and Ghosh.

Talking to India Today TMC leader Mitra said that BJP will die after Panchayat elections in West Bengal. “Bengal BJP will be gone soon. There will be no one to do tarpan in BJP. We are against their atrocities. BJP will die completely after next year’s panchayat elections,” he said.

BJP national vice-president Dilip Ghosh took a jibe at TMC leader Madan Mitra for performing ‘tarpan’ on his picture on Mahalaya. He said that Mitra has considered Ghosh as his ancestor, because one performs tarpan only for his ancestors. Ghosh said, “It is good to see that they have accepted us as their father and grandfather, as the tarpan is performed for the peace of the departed soul of their ancestors. However, we never thought that our children would be so much. will become inhumane.”

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