BJP president in Bengal said- Mamta didi’s devils should improve in 6 months, otherwise cremation will be sent

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BJP President Dilip Ghosh in West Bengal has threatened the people of Trinamool Congress and Mamata Banerjee saying that if they do not stop the satanic in six months, they will be broken. They will have to go to the hospital before going home and will be sent to the crematorium if there is more trouble. The conflict between TMC and BJP has been steadily increasing before the assembly elections.

Dilip Ghosh said, “I tell the people of Mamta didi, those who do bullying, get well in six months or else their hands, feet, ribs and head will be broken.” You have to go to the hospital first to be able to go home. If they escalate, they will be sent to the crematorium. ”

Elections are going to be held in West Bengal after a few months and political violence has increased before that. On Saturday itself, Home Minister Amit Shah alleged in Kolkata that 100 BJP workers have been killed in a year. Buoyed by the improved performance in the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP is claiming to win 200 seats in the assembly elections. In such a situation, his confrontation with the ruling Trinamool Congress is increasing.

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