BJP may face a setback in the Lok Sabha elections, the opposition may get 325 seats; know how

BJP may face a setback in the Lok Sabha elections, the opposition may get 325 seats;  know how

Loksabha Election 2024: Only one year is left for the Lok Sabha elections to be held next year. All parties including BJP, Congress have started preparations. It is clear from the various surveys that have come out in recent times that the BJP has a huge lead right now. It may come to power for the third time, but there is a way, by adopting which the opposition can achieve the majority figure. However, this is very difficult and almost impossible.

In fact, the data of CSDS, an organization that closely monitors elections, has revealed that if all other parties except BJP contest the elections together, then these parties will easily get majority in the next Lok Sabha elections. CSDS has calculated this figure on the basis of seats and vote percentage of all the parties last year.

Quoting CSDS data, Aaj Tak said, “If all the parties, except the BJP, contest the elections together, the BJP may have to settle for 235-240 seats, while the opposition will get 300-305.” ‘ It is noteworthy that in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, BJP got 303 seats and opposition parties got 236 seats. CSDS has derived this figure according to the vote percentage of BJP and other parties in the last Lok Sabha elections.

At the same time, even if there is a reduction of one percent in the BJP’s votes in the upcoming general elections, then the number of seats may come down to 225-230, while for the opposition this figure will be 310-325. On the other hand, if BJP’s vote share is reduced by two percent, then the number of seats will come down to 210-215. While the number of seats with the opposition will be 325-330. But this will happen only when all other parties come together and contest elections.

Moreover, it has also been told that if five per cent of the opposition vote goes to some other party, then BJP’s seats will be 242-247 and the opposition may get 290-295 seats. In 2019, if 10 per cent votes go to the opposition’s account, then BJP can get 272-277 seats, while the opposition will have 263-268 seats. On these figures, election analyst Sanjay Kumar said that it is clear from these figures that if BJP has to be challenged, non-BJP parties will have to unite. Only then the BJP can be challenged in the next Lok Sabha elections.

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