BJP leader Uma Bharti furious after seeing the saffron flag on the liquor contract, reprimanded the police officers fiercely

Veteran Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Uma Bharti, who was enraged by the saffron flag at a country liquor shop, on Monday reprimanded the local police officers in Chhindwara district and asked them to take action.

When Uma Bharti, who came to Chhindwara for her anti-liquor campaign, was on her way to Pipalnarayanvar, she saw a saffron flag at a liquor shop. Uma Bharti immediately stopped the car and scolded the local police officials. Uma Bharti called it an insult to the saffron flag. The BJP leaders went ahead only after the local police personnel removed the flag.

He said that I am sad and ashamed that the liquor shop was opened with saffron flag. I have asked the police and administration to take action.

Uma Bharti said that I have prayed for the massive victory of BJP in local bodies and panchayat elections. She also said that after the election she would personally run an anti-liquor campaign. She said that if the state government does not change the liquor policy after the elections, then I will run a campaign of the people against it.

The BJP leader on Monday visited the Hanuman temple at Jam Sanwali in Chhindwara, where he offered prayers. Uma Bharti is running an anti-liquor campaign in Madhya Pradesh. Earlier, he had thrown stones at a shop in Bhopal and cow dung in Chhatarpur.

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