BJP got big issue before West Bengal elections, preparations to put opponents in the country

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After Pakistan’s confession in Pulwama terror attack, BJP has got a big issue of terrorism. The party is putting opposition parties in the dock on this and will take it differently in different states. In Bihar assembly elections and various by-elections, this issue has become hot, in future assembly elections in West Bengal, the BJP will target the Trinamool Congress, Congress and Left parties on this.

For the BJP, the assembly elections in West Bengal are the most important after the Bihar assembly elections. The party is preparing for a big change here. The Front of West Bengal is a major mission of Home Minister Amit Shah. While being the party president, it was Shah who created the entire array. Now again Shah is going to handle this front.

Issues will arise in every state
On the issue of Pulwama, at one time opposition parties had put the BJP and the Modi government at the center in the dock by demanding evidence and made a big issue. Now, when a Pakistani minister has described it as the success of his government, the BJP has become an attacker on the opposition parties. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Party President JP Nadda, Home Minister Amit Shah, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, party leaders and organizations have started to surround the anti-national camp. This will not only become a central level issue, but the party unit of every state will raise its issue here and raise its rival party in the dock.

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Mission for Bengal
Now that the assembly elections of West Bengal are to be held after six months, the BJP has taken up this big issue. Through this, she can surround Mamata Banerjee, Congress and Left parties together. The issue of nationalism has already been a big issue of BJP, now it will get more edge from it. Also this issue can work in the social equation.

Shah will visit instead of Nadda
The next big front for the BJP is from West Bengal. With the end of Bihar’s electoral battle, the BJP will take over the Front of West Bengal. Home Minister Amit Shah is going to West Bengal on a two-day visit on November 5. Where he will hold meetings with activists and also hold meetings. Recently, JP Nadda was going to Bengal on November 6 due to Shah’s illness. Now that Shah is healthy, Nadda’s program has been canceled. Prior to this, Nadda went to Siliguri to have a party meeting. The party has recently given importance to Bengal leaders in the organization as well.

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