BJP alerted by defeat in Karnataka, strategy changed in MP; Alert regarding MLAs of Scindia group

BJP alerted by defeat in Karnataka, strategy changed in MP;  Alert regarding MLAs of Scindia group

After the electoral defeat in Karnataka, the BJP leadership has become cautious about the states it is in power. Especially regarding Madhya Pradesh where assembly elections are to be held later this year. The party leadership is getting the feedback of every seat in the state. Along with this, the organizational situation is also being constantly reviewed. Some changes are also expected to be made.

In the five states where elections are to be held later this year before the Lok Sabha elections, only Madhya Pradesh has a BJP government. Congress in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, BRS in Telangana and MNF in Mizoram. In such a situation, there is pressure on the BJP to retain power in Madhya Pradesh for the Lok Sabha elections. In fact, recently the BJP has lost power in the two states where it was in power, Karnataka and Himachal. He has definitely won Gujarat, but the equations there are different.

In the last elections in Madhya Pradesh, the Congress fell two seats short of a majority in the 230-member assembly at 114 and the BJP (109) fell five seats behind the Congress. That is, the Congress government was formed with a slight edge almost equally. This Congress government could run only for about one and a quarter years. With more than one and a half dozen MLAs leaving the Congress along with Jyotiraditya Scindia, this government fell and the BJP government was formed again. Scindia and his supporters had also joined the BJP. Almost the same happened in Karnataka, where the HD Kumaraswamy-led coalition government fell in about a quarter of a year due to breakaway of some MLAs from Congress and JD(S). Later the BJP government was formed.

BJP worried about MLAs of Scindia group

There is also a concern of the BJP regarding Madhya Pradesh that the leaders who came there with Scindia have not yet been able to fully adjust with the party. In such a situation, there may be problems in giving tickets and elections. This clash has been visible in the municipal elections, while the BJP lost the mayor’s election in its strongholds of Gwalior and Morena. Anger has also increased in the BJP. Recently, former minister Deepak Joshi, son of former state chief minister Kailash Joshi, has also joined the Congress. It was difficult to get tickets as his seat went to the MLAs who came with Scindia.

BJP fighting among themselves more than Congress

BJP has appointed Ajay Jambal as regional in-charge for strengthening the organization in Madhya Pradesh. Muralidhar Rao is in charge of the organization of the state. Pankaja Munde and Ram Shankar Katheria have been made co-incharge with them. Hitanand Sharma is looking after the work of organization minister. Actually, the problem of BJP here is less than that of Congress and more of its organization. That’s why the party is laying more emphasis on that.

Now after seeing the results of Karnataka BJP is taking report of every seat in the state itself. For this work is being done at different levels. According to sources, in the next three months, the party will get many such feedback reports so that there is no problem in candidate selection.

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