Bihar: ‘JDU-BJP like husband and wife, it is not so easy to break it’, Minister Vijendra Yadav said about the alliance


In the midst of the political crisis in Maharashtra, there is also speculation about a tussle between the JDU and the BJP alliance in Bihar. It is being told that there is a difference of opinion between the two parties regarding the Agneepath scheme brought for army recruitment. However, now JDU leader and minister Vijendra Yadav has given a clarification on this issue. He has said that there is no difference between the two parties. BJP and JDU are like husband and wife, between which there can be arguments but it is difficult to separate. We may have different views, it does not mean that we will be separated.

No one’s slave: Vijendra Yadav

He said that there has been an alliance between the two parties, no one is anybody’s slave. On Thursday, he was talking to reporters at the JDU state office. He said that the views of both the parties may differ but that does not mean that the relationship between the two will deteriorate. Both the parties are working for the progress of Bihar.

Nothing in Bihar like Maharashtra crisis: Vijendra Yadav

In the midst of the ongoing political crisis in Maharashtra, when journalists asked the minister whether Maharashtra could have an impact in Bihar? Can an attempt be made to break the JDU MLA here too? So the minister replied and said that the leader should have the power, which will keep the party united. Nitish Kumar knows how to run a party. Meanwhile, journalists asked him that all is not looking well between BJP-JDU.

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