Bihar: For the first time a political businessman entered politics in the name of service… BJP state president attacked Prashant Kishor

Prashant Kishor played a key role in BJP’s victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. However, after that their relationship started souring. Now there are constant attacks on him from the side of the party. In this episode, the State BJP President of Bihar, Dr. Sanjay Jaiswal has retaliated on Prashant Kishor’s allegation that there was no development work in Bihar during 30 years. On Friday, on the question of the media, he said that in the 90s, a section of the Congress leaders came into politics for social service. Some people came because of looting the booth. Then the booth robbers and goons thought that why should we loot for them, why not become MPs and MLAs themselves.

In the 90s, in Lalu Raj, some section of the goonda-mawli who came into politics started becoming an MP-MLA. In the 2000s, another section came, who used to say that they had come for social service, but became leaders by holding caste meetings and started selling them. Regarding the entry of Prashant Kishor into politics, Dr. Jaiswal said that a new business has started. New experiment. For the first time a political businessman has come to do politics. If you are a political businessman, then they know how to do politics for a long time.

PK has neither policy nor intention: Prem Ranjan

State BJP spokesperson Premranjan Patel said on PK’s statement that after a long period, the path of development was opened in Bihar under the NDA government. I agree that the development work of Bihar has not been completed yet, but whatever development has happened, it is not less. The situation in Bihar was a big challenge to get out of that situation. The people of Bihar also believe that development has taken place in Bihar. Only the NDA government can take this forward and no one else can. Said that Prashant Kishor has neither policy nor intention.

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