Bihar Election Result: can still turn up in Bihar? Difference of less than 1000 votes in 20 seats, distance less than 5 thousand in 73 seats

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The NDA’s victory in Bihar assembly election results seems to be winning, but the Grand Alliance is not far behind. The big thing is that till 5 pm, only 2.29 crore votes have been counted and about 2 crore votes are to be counted, while in many seats the difference between the candidates of first and second number is very less.

There is a difference of less than 5 thousand votes in 73 seats and the difference is less than one thousand votes in 20 seats. There is a difference of less than 500 votes in 13 seats, while candidates in 4 seats are ahead of each other by 200 votes. That means, the numbers of the NDA and the grand alliance can be seen to fluctuate now as the vote count increases. This is the reason that the leaders of the Grand Alliance have some desperate faces, but they have not given up. RJD leaders are saying that the lantern will light at night.

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There are a total of 4.10 crore votes in Bihar. The number of booths was increased this time due to Corona virus infection and the counting process is also slow. In such a situation, it is believed that by tomorrow morning only the final votes will be counted. In the initial trends, the Grand Alliance had an edge but by midday the NDA took the lead and for the last several hours the NDA coalition is beyond the majority.

BJP is leading in 73 seats while JDU has lead in 43 seats. VIP has got 5 seats, then we can get three seats. Talking about the grand alliance, the RJD was ahead in 71 seats, while the Congress was leading in 21 seats. CPIML candidates are leading in 12 seats. CPIM is leading in three seats.

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