Bihar Chunav: JDU cleaning on ‘last election’, Nitish will continue to serve the public

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Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was emotional at the last meeting held at Dhamdaha on Thursday, the last day of campaigning for the last phase of Bihar assembly elections. He said that all is well for the end. Before this came out of his mouth that this is my last election, but he meant something else. After Chief Minister Nitish Kumar reached Patna, JDU made clear the intention of the CM’s statement in an official statement. It was told that Nitish Kumar has said that this is my last day of campaigning for this election. JDU has made it clear that Nitish Kumar will continue working as long as the people of Bihar want. Nitish Kumar himself has also said that it is my job to serve the public and to rob others. However, political rhetoric intensified with the opposition’s court regarding Nitish’s statement.

New industrial policy will stop migration in Bihar
Addressing the election meeting in support of NDA candidates in Purnia’s Dhamdaha and Katihar, the Chief Minister said that if NDA government is formed in Bihar this time, then industrial policy will be implemented in Bihar in next five years. All this has been prepared. The migration from Bihar will end once the industrial policy is implemented in Bihar. He said that Bihar is constantly on the path of development. Together we will take Bihar to new heights. With the support of the Center and the efforts of the state, we will create a developed state of Bihar. He said that crime in Bihar is at the bottom. The growth rate is high. On average, per capita income has increased. He also mentioned about the facilities being provided to the public in the field of education and health.

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NDA talks about crores of families in Bihar
Attacking the opposition, Nitish Kumar said that he only talks about his family and NDA talks about crores of families in Bihar. Now the people of Bihar have to choose which government they want. He said that this time you gave an opportunity to form a government, then you will dazzle every village with the light of solar energy.

We worked day and night for the development of Bihar
The Chief Minister said that whenever the people of Bihar gave an opportunity, they worked day and night for the development of Bihar. Women were given the benefit of 50% reservation in Panchayati Raj elections, but also in government service, they have made every effort to bring women forward by bringing 33% reservation. The work of advancing women through livelihood has been done.

Opposition leaders’ reaction
Nitish Kumar said that this is the last day of campaigning. How can he decide to retire? He is determined. With the work done for the development of Bihar, people would not want to take such a decision. He will remain in public life.
-Bashistha Narayan Singh, State President, JDU

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We have been saying from the beginning that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is completely exhausted and today he finally gave up and announced our decision to retire from politics before the final phase.
– Tejaswi Prasad Yadav, Leader of Opposition, Bihar

Nitish Kumar is older, I respect him. Seeing the defeat in the election, he declared the ‘last election’ before the third phase of voting. Now it has been decided that Bihar will take the path of progress.
– Randeep Singh Surjewala, National General Secretary, Congress

The people of Bihar have made up their mind for his departure. When the election results come on November 10, then it will also be stamped. This election is in a way the end of Nitish Kumar’s political innings.
– Dipankar Bhattacharya, Male General Secretary

Nitish Kumar’s announcement that this is his last election has stirred up JDU leaders. Many JDU leaders have become unemployed. They will remain unemployed even further.
Chirag Paswan, LJP chief

CM is known for ‘Politics with Difference’. In the election speech, to speed up the development of the state, people have sought votes. It is said that all is well for the end. The government will again be formed under the leadership of Nitish Kumar.
-Niraj Kumar, Minister of Information

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