Big relief to Robert Vadra, court withdraws notice for violation of travel conditions

A Delhi court on Saturday withdrew the show cause notice issued to Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Robert Vadra for allegedly violating conditions while traveling to the UK via Dubai, but warned him to be cautious in future. Earlier on September 20, the court had refused to accept his statement that he was forced to stay in Dubai due to medical exigencies while traveling to the UK via UAE. The court had issued a show cause notice to him asking why his fixed deposit (FD) of Rs 25 lakh should not be forfeited.

Special Judge Nilofer Abida Parveen said, “I am satisfied with what is said in the affidavit that it was not done intentionally, the explanation was not given after due consideration and the conduct of the petitioner is not lacking in good faith.” The special judge, while withdrawing the show cause notice, said that Vadra has “unconditionally apologized for the mistake, which has been accepted and the petitioner has been warned to be cautious in future”. Along with this, the court ordered the issuance of FD.

After the evidence, the court accepted the argument

The court said that Vadra had shown medical records in respect of his condition due to which he was advised not to undertake long journeys and the medical certificate issued to him in Dubai for his medical assistance is on record. He said that Vadra has already traveled to Dubai and onward after stopping in Dubai.

Yatra started on 12th August

The court had on August 12 allowed Vadra to travel to the UK via UAE, Spain and Italy for four weeks. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Vadra is currently out on bail in a money laundering case registered by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

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