Big news: Arrest warrant issued against Subrata Rai, Patna High Court ordered for non-appearance


Sahara chief Subrata Roy’s troubles are increasing continuously. The Patna High Court has issued an arrest warrant against him. Please tell that the court had ordered him to appear on Friday (May 13) at 10:30 am, but he did not come. In such a situation, an arrest warrant was issued against him. Let us inform that the hearing of petitions filed in Patna High Court regarding payment of money deposited by consumers in various schemes of Sahara India is going on.


this is the whole matter

It is worth mentioning that Sahara Company had deposited money in the name of investment from thousands of consumers in various schemes. At the same time, even after the completion of the period, the money was not returned. In this case, more than 2000 people had filed a petition in the Patna High Court. Hearing the matter on Thursday (May 12), Justice Sandeep Kumar said that at 10:30 am on Friday, Subrata Roy, owner of Sahara India, had been ordered to appear in any situation. When Subrata Roy did not appear in court on Friday, an arrest warrant was issued against him.

The court made this comment

Investor’s advocate Pratyush Kumar had said, “The Patna High Court had told Subrata Roy’s lawyer that you cannot intimidate in the name of Supreme Court. The High Court had asked in a questioning tone that who is this Subrata Roy ‘Sahara’ who cannot come to the court? They have to come to court. It remains to be seen how upset people are here. Justice Sandeep Kumar had said that Subrata Roy is not older than the High Court.

Subrata Roy’s lawyer gave this information

Let us inform that in this case, the lawyer of Subrata Roy had sought permission to appear in the court in a virtual manner by submitting an interim application. It was said in the application that Subrata Rai’s age has been 74 years. He had an operation in the month of January. He is ill right now. For this reason, he should be relieved from appearing physically. Also, it was told that they have a detailed plan ready to return the money to the investors. Also, he is ready to deposit Rs 5 crore.