Biden, who won the presidential election, Kamla Harris of Indian origin will be the Vice President: US Media

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Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the US presidential election. He will be the 64th President of the US. Major US media outlets have named Biden as the winner in the November 3 election. With this, Kamla Harris of Indian origin is going to become Vice President. On the other hand, Trump has once again declared himself the winner of this election and said that Biden is unfairly showing himself the winner in the US election.

Apart from the Associated Press, CNN and NBC News have declared him the winner. The reports state that Biden won 20 electoral votes in a win in Pennsylvania, easily surpassing the 270 mark needed for a majority.

After thanking the people after winning the election, Biden tweeted, “America, I feel honored that you have chosen me to lead the country. We have a tough challenge, but I promise you: I will be the President of all Americans, whether you voted for me or not. I will maintain the confidence you have expressed in me. ”

Donald Trump has missed becoming president for the second time in a row. In 1992, Donald Trump was the first president after George HW Bush to not win a second consecutive term. Donald Trump has also approached the court alleging rigging in the US election.

Kamala Harris is going to become America’s first black female Vice President. California Senator Kamala will also be the first US Vice President of South Asian descent. This is the first time a woman of South Asian descent will serve such a large position in the government.

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