Between Yogendra Yadav and Chitra’s debate, Kumar Vishwas told the story of donkey and leopard

Between Yogendra Yadav and Chitra’s debate, Kumar Vishwas told the story of donkey and leopard

For the last two days, there is a strong discussion on social media about the debate between TV anchor Chitra Tripathi and Yogendra Yadav. The debate on social justice between the two intensifies when Chitra Tripathi mentions that the first 10 states in the country have Brahmin chief ministers and at one point a quarter of Brahmin MPs. Yogendra Yadav gets angry on this that I see you in pain in this matter. He says that as democracy expands, the small section of the elite who hold power looses its hold.

Not only this, the debate between Yogendra Yadav and Chitra Tripathi went on for a long time on Twitter as well. Both had addressed each other in very sharp words. Meanwhile, a tweet of poet Kumar Vishwas has also come in the whole matter. He has tweeted in his own style, from which it is difficult to guess for whom he has said what. But people are interpreting his remarks in their own way. Actually Kumar Vishwas in his tweet has talked about the debate between cheetah and donkey regarding the color of the grass.

Kumar Vishwas wrote, ‘Once a leopard and a donkey had an argument about the color of the grass. The leopard said that the grass is green. The donkey insisted that the grass is blue. There was a tweet-tweet fight between the two for two days. The matter reached the lion king. The lion gave the decision in full court that the donkey is right and the leopard is wrong. When the donkey went back to the studio shouting ‘Dhenchu-Dhenchu’ in the ecstasy of victory, the crying leopard said, ‘Maharaj, why have you insulted me knowingly by making the donkey win and defeating me?’ The lion said that you were defeated at the very moment when you started an argument with a donkey by being a tiger-descendant cheetah.

The poet has neither taken anyone’s name nor spoken openly on anyone through his tweet. Still people are taking out the meaning of this tweet according to their own. Many people even said that Kumar Vishwas has taunted Yogendra Yadav. Not only this, many Twitter users have taken a dig at Kumar Vishwas regarding this and said that you have deleted tweets many times before. Don’t have to do the same this time too.

Why did Yogendra Yadav say – forward castes are loyal voters

During the debate, Yogendra Yadav also targeted the BJP and said that it is at the forefront of doing caste politics. Yogendra Yadav, who is known as an election analyst, said that for the first time he had mentioned caste along with the list of ministers. He said that it is not the belief that other parties do caste politics and BJP does not. Yogendra Yadav said that the largest and most loyal vote bank of the country is the Hindu forward castes.

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